Bang Sang-Ho | Mind-Blowing Digital Paintings

About Bang Sang-ho

Bang Sang-ho is a (digital) illustrator artist from Seoul, South Korea. His get the job done is mesmerizing equally visually and mentally for his exclusive, elaborate, yet extraordinary model. Bang’s layouts have so many points going on that they could possibly seem animated at initial look. By staring at Bang Sang-ho’s photographs, a person is slowly driven into a selected colourful and fantastical earth, impressed by the number of surprises he geared up for the viewer. Concealed in his dynamic and multicolor aesthetic lies Bang’s acuity in the direction of his thoughts, complex creativity, and aesthetics.

Electronic Painting

Painting is an psychological medium for Bang, utilized every time he feels joyful or frustrated. He attracts much more normally when he desires to escape each day strain or distracting views. The natural sort and psychedelic colours mirror the ideal illustration of Bang’s unconscious thoughts.

Bang generates all the things manually when it arrives to individual get the job done by transferring all the random photos that go by way of his head onto paper. He typically generates his artwork applying digital applications, but he will hardly ever deny the pencil stroke. Bang values guide sketching and will generally consider this his very first inventive action. Right after the sketch satisfies his ideas, he will finalize it digitally and then paint it. Not long ago, I’ve felt unpleasant with digital work’s textures and expressions. Hence, I have been creating electronic function and works by hand, such as acrylic paintings, at the identical time. 

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