About Elias Klingen

Elias Klingen is 28 several years aged and from Stockholm, Sweden. Elias clarifies how, remaining digital artwork his most significant enthusiasm in existence, he will devote most of his time to learning new software program and methods. 

Elias’s function has a robust composition and a sharp eye for facts owing to his curious mindset to aim on new competencies.

Following doing the job for the Stockholm-based mostly creation company Rebels Studios and an internship at SNASK, Klingen is now a entire-time freelance artist whose purchasers involve IKEA, Samsung, Absolut Vodka, and Volvo, to point out a couple of. His electronic means to manipulate real-existence objects also built his artworks healthy in photorealism.

Design and Method

Loaded in element and total of spectacular lights, Elias’s artworks have professional and glossy appeal. Also, Klingen states:” I get a large adrenalin rush when I’m developing some thing that I’m proud of. Very simple as that. My everyday living concentrates on my passion for 3D and illustration. In truth It is the initially thing I feel about when I wake up.”

Mostly inspired by Adolf Lachman and Manvsmachine’s works, Klingen is also at present using Cinema 4D, x-particles, HDRI-Light studio, Octane renders, and Photoshop in consistent update with new electronic art techniques.

Get the job done

His will work show Klingen’s extraordinary skill to use digital artwork procedures. To make this also enjoyable, we have chosen the most the latest ones.

Way Out West 2020 is an artwork created for the Way Out West pageant 2020. The graphic layout task is from Studio Leon & Chris.

Elias Klingen
@elias Klingen 2020
Elias Klingen
@ Elias Klingen – Way Out West 2020

Akulla is a own venture inspired by the Sunday walks from his childhood. Sound style and design by Carl Cerstrand.

Elias Klingen

Elias Klingen Elias Klingen Elias Klingen

Ikea – Every entire body. This project manufactured for Ikea museum in Älmhult, Sweden. Produced in collaboration with Pjadad.com.
Animation, texturing, postproduction by Elias Klingén & Gustav Larsson. Art route by Petter Kukacka. Images from exhibition: Niklas Enhag, Tiago Leiria.

Elias Klingen

Elias Klingen

Mercodia.Visuals built for Mercodia. Made in collaboration with Studio Akademi.

To watch additional of his function, visit his site or follow him on Behance.

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