Passionate photographer Toriru discusses aesthetic, styles, and favorite models in The Pitch Questionnaire

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Photographer Terrence Lindsey. // Photo courtesy of Toriru Photos

Terrence Lindsey, also known as Toriru, wanted to share his perception of his world through photography. Toriru consistently progressed through his snapshotting journey, gaining opportunities to work with well-known brands such as Savage X Fenty, model Steven G, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Lindsey discusses how he built a modeling empire with his best friend, his favorite shooting styles, and what Kansas City needs more of

Social Handles:

IG: @toriruworld (main account), @toriruphotos (photography account)

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Current neighborhood: Between Houston and Kansas City

The Pitch: How did your photography journey begin? 

Terrence Lindsey: I’ve been shooting for about six years now and got my first camera in 2015. It was a Canon t7i. I always wanted to show what the world looked like from my point of view.

What camera do you currently shoot with? What’s your favorite camera? 

I’m currently shooting with a Canon EOS R at the moment. My favorite camera to shoot with, by far, is the Canon Mark 3. It was the camera I learned everything with.

You and Manuela are the definition of a modeling powerhouse. How is it running a business with your significant other? Who’s a model that you love working with? 

Honestly, we don’t look at each other as significant others when it comes to business—we more so think of ourselves as partners. It helps separate personal and business. We actually started off working together as best friends, so I’m glad to be able to have a bond with her as a business partner as well.

Manuela is my favorite to work with, of course. I also love working with models from Autre Management, the model agency she founded

What shooting style is your favorite?

It’s a mix between photojournalism and editorial. They both help convey important messages that reflect on the current times.

Can you describe your photography aesthetic? 

At the moment, I’m on a journey to find it.

What’s your favorite collab/feature that you’ve done?

I’ll say working with Steven on the Valentine’s Day Fenty collection.

What is your outlet?

My outlet includes being at home listening to music—probably looking over some photos or brainstorming some new ideas.

What does a perfect day in Kansas City look like to you?

That’s a great question, and I’ve never actually thought about that. Just seeing people out having the time of their lives without worrying if we’re going to get unpredictable weather puts a huge smile on my face. Those are actually some of my favorite moments to capture.

What does Kansas City need more of?

We need more art studios and art funds. I think galleries such as the Nelson Art Gallery should shine a light on Kansas City-based artists. It would help bring more attention to talented artists from our own city, thus helping the art community thrive.

When was your first major shoot?

My first major shoot was working with Wesley for Tommy Hilfiger. That was a different experience that I’m thankful for.

How long have you lived in Kansas City?

I have been living in Kansas City for 26 years. I was born and raised here, but I recently relocated to Houston.

What’s the main difference between Kansas City and other cities you’ve lived in?

I feel like we have so much talent, and we are truly a hidden blueprint. We just have to work together and not gatekeep. Bigger cities are more open to sharing gems that can benefit the next person.

Anything else?

Be the best you!


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